WOC Eventtickets

Tickets for the OP WOC / event WOC 2.0 / 20. - 23.06. 2019 Ticket sales for the airsoft event WOC 2.0 20. - 23.June 2019 Important: In order to receive the basic data for your player passport / ticket / player ribbons, please create a real customer account and do not order via a so-called "guest account". After receipt of payment we will send within one week (please give us time) the invoice by e-mail as a PDF file. (It will take longer for Christmas / year end holidays) If you buy more than one ticket, e.g. shopping for your team, lists the other player names in the field "Message / Comment" in the order process. In any case, we will write to you for further information when we need it. A later division into the squads is done by the train drivers at the event. Important: - In order to participate actively as a player at the WOC, you must be 18 years of age (deadline June 20, 2019)

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