Universal Rifle Mag Pouch, Multicam

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    Clawgear's nylon equipment is designed to increase the operator's performance and fightability. These products are optimized to be as versatile and lightweight as possible, the use of proprietary Tacticoat and Tacticoat Reinforced materials same time massively increases the durability and lifetime.

    The Universal Mag Pouch features rapid access to the magazine and is compatible with an extremely wide range of magazines in different calibers (5.56, 7.62x39, 5.45x39 etc).

    Designed and prototyped in Austria, field tested worldwide, assembled in Poland from EU and US made military grade materials.

    - Tacticoat laser cutted construction
    - Low profile and lightweight
    - MOLLE PALS compatible
    - Weighs just 72g

    - NATO STANAG 4179
    - AR-15/M4/M16 platform magazines including PMAGs
    - AK 74 / AK 47 platform
    - SIG 55x (without couplers)
    - G36 (without couplers)
    - Galil 5.56mm
    - Steyr AUG

    Tacticoat Reinforced
    This laminated material has been developed to provide an incredibly strong and easy to process fabric for the production of outstandingly durable gear for law enforcement and military use. Due to its layered construction it has unique strength to weight characteristics.

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