Sex Bomb Lilith Patch, special edition / 3D Rubber patch

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    Sex Bomb Lilith Patch, special edition / 3D Rubber patch

    Ready to patch, Sex Bomb Lilith Patch  mit Klettrückseite.

    Wichtig, nur noch wenige verfügbar. Ein absoluter Sammlerpatch.

    Größe: ca. 75 x 55 mm

    Speziell gefertigter hochwertiger und flexibler Rubber-Patch in 3D Optik.

    - Kontur in 3D Optik
    - Auf der Rückseite befindet sich eine Hakenklettfläche diese ist mit dem Patch vernäht somit kann der Patch auf jeder Schlaufenklettfläche befestigt werden.


    Each Sex Bomb is limited to 350 pieces. The Security Management Secret Service has a group of experienced seductive fighters called Sex Bomb. It consists of special girls who are taught secrets of espionage, martial arts, various weapons handling, as well as seduction and sex techniques. The girls perform dangerous tasks, spy and collect such secret data which men could never get. These girls have different fates; it is not so easy to recruit a sexy girl with a talent of a real soldier. Sex Bomb Kate - she was recruited when she was a teenager, she took up with the wrong guys, robberies and drugs brought her to jail for a long time. But high potential was seen in her, and she was offered a job in the Secret Service in exchange to her imprisonment, her death and funeral were fabricated beforehand. Kate turned out to be a hard-working student and just in three years she already completed her first mission. Happy Li - in her past life she was an ambitious street racer who loved fancy cars; she was caught in trying to steal another expensive car Bugatti. She has a mathematical mind; she is good at engineering and improves everything that falls into her hands. Happy Li was taught to drive any vehicle. Lilith - she is from a poor family, she lost her father at a young age and worked as a prostitute to help her mother raise her younger brothers, but she still was short of money, and her boss constantly humiliated her. Once she was offered good money, but she had to make away with a mob boss, because she was the only one who could stay alone with him without guards. That's how she got into the Secret Service, where she is known as ?A dangerous woman: you either die or get incredible pleasure.?

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