RELOADED 3.0 07.-10.Juli 2022

    WOC 3.0 R. Tickets Tickets for the event OP WOC 3.0 Reloaded / time 07 - 10.07.2022 Ticket sales for the airsoft event WOC 3.0 Reloaded Important: In order to receive the basic data for your player passport / ticket / player ribbons, please create a real customer account and do not order via a so-called "guest account". After receipt of payment we will send within the invoice by e-mail as a PDF file. If you buy more than one ticket, e.g. shopping for your team, lists the other player names in the field "Message / Comment" in the order process. In any case, we will write to you for further information when we need it. A later division into the squads is done by the Leaders oft he fraction at the event. Important: - In order to participate actively as a player at the WOC, you must be 18 years of age (deadline July 07, 2022) Important, the payment + order is in principle the entrance. Due to the daily business it takes a longer to send you your player number by email. This can sometimes take a month or more until we get the "paid" report from our tax advisor. So we ask for your patience and as you know us, everyone was allowed to "play" with us. Your JTG team

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